Easy Forms For Your Site!

Whether a static site, or Wordpress, or whatever, get a custom form on your site with no hassles in under 5 minutes!

Make it easy to get your information quick!

Static sites are amazing! Wordpress is amazing! But getting forms to work can be a pain. Formman makes it uber-easy to get a form moving quick and safe.

Data Protection

Spam Protection

Webhooks For Your Own Info

Value-based price (it's 98% free)


5-Minute Implementation

It's Too Easy To Get Started

1. Sign Up

Hit that beautiful blue button up top to sign up. No credit card necessary!

2. Create a Form

Add a form in the app, and set up how you want it handled. Get email responses, or set up a webhook to post the data back to your own app.

3. Install the Form On Your Site!

Grab the code from Formman, and then add whatever fields you need. Formman is smart enough to grab your fields you send it.

4. Wait for delivery!

You can get notified by email, view responses directly in Formman, post them to your own app, or export them to a fancy schmancy spreadsheet!


All features, 50 responses/month

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$7 / mo

All features + file support, unlimited responses

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